Skills Assessment & Development – Vital facilitator for economic growth

It is broadly agreed that investing in skills represents one decisive factor in prompting economic development in South Africa. Yet identifying areas in a business that requires development, assessing staff and implementing skills development programs have become complex and time consuming. Indiza Skills Assessment & Development therefore designed a program that is simple and attainable, creates efficiencies for business while developing staff in their respective roles. The program enables staff to become the best they possibly can – experts in their own field.  

Business Activities

  • Job specification
      • Skills
      • Attributes
  • KPI
      • Tasks
      • Measures
      • Outcomes
  • Skills Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Skills development

Areas of Assessment and Development

  1. Creditors (Junior, Senior & Supervisory level)
  2. Debtors ((Junior, Senior & Supervisory level)
  3. General Ledger (Junior, Senior & Supervisory level)
  4. Asset Register
  5. Income Statement & Balance Sheet

Be proficient and increase productivity and job satisfaction

Corporate recruitment team mentoring and assessments  

Increase your Bottom Line

Struggling with issues like missed sales/recruitment targets or high staff turnover?
The problem could simply be that your staff members are not adequately equipped to perform at their peak.
Indiza Staffing Solutions now offers cost-effective APSO approved staff training in e-learning format.

  • Less employee time than learning in a traditional classroom setting
  • More material without increasing time spent on training
  • Increase in revenue


What is E-learning?

E-learning, or electronic learning, delivers training by means of digital resources.  Learners have the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime and on any device in a time-efficient manner.

  • Subscribed staff members are registered as learners
  • Industry Specific Support for Subscribed Learners
  • Real-time Reporting

YES (Youth Employment) Managed Services  

Catch 22….the age-old conundrum continues for young South Africans. How do you get a job without experience, how do you gain experience without a job?

For many employers, the thought of taking a change on an inexperienced young person is simply too scary, particularly because of increasingly more complex and rigid labour legislation.

By partnering with Indiza Staffing Solutions, you can grow and leverage your business.

Customised, co-designed workforce solutions. We have more than twenty years’ experience in the recruitment and temporary employment services industry. Our track record of personalised services means you can confidently partner with us to maximise the opportunities of bringing young people into your workforce.